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Professional Concrete Pump Hire Melbourne

Our team of professionals have cemented a reputation for excellence throughout Melbourne and Victoria. We are proud of the contribution we’ve made to many projects – from difficult and challenging large-scale industrial and commercial projects through to the domestic housing market which has seen massive growth during Melbourne’s on-going property boom. We are Melbourne’s preferred concrete pump hire.

Boasting extensive experience working in all areas of construction from small-scale domestic jobs through to large-scale commercial and industrial in the public and private sectors. We’ve helped people capitalise on their biggest investment in life – their home – by providing services such as driveways and extensions which boost the kerbside appeal of homes leading to quicker sales.

Whatever the job, we are ready to complete it efficiently, safely and on time.

We have gained comprehensive experience through our work with a diverse range of clients on the following types of projects:


  • High rise piers, large pads/footings
  • Crane bases
  • Bridges
  • Power industry, wind turbine bases
  • Mining
  • Rail works
  • Rural


If you are looking to capitalise on the Melbourne property boom by preparing your home for sale we can help. Or maybe you love where you live but want to add or update some features. The presentation of your home is key to realising your property’s full potential. Installing or updating your driveway, patio or pool area is a great way to improve the look of your home. Consider the creation of an alfresco dining area to expand the living space of your home.

We have comprehensive experience in domestic building work. Our experience includes working on:

  • High specification apartments including multi-storey
  • New homes
  • Driveways and paving
  • Extensions to existing properties

Choosing a concrete pumping service

There are a few factors to consider when selecting the right company to complete your building project.

  • the cheapest price may end up costing you a fortune. Understand exactly what you’re getting before you commit to proceeding with a pumping service.
  • check the experience of your company. Ask to see examples of their work and testimonies from clients. Good reputable companies will be happy to supply with you details of their projects and clients they’ve worked with.
  • be wary of companies who use industry jargon that you don’t understand. The working relationship you have with your concrete pumping team is built on clear speaking and good communication.
  • ensure you have a primary contact at your concrete pumping service. This person will know your project and will be available to discuss it at any time

Customised Concrete Pumping Hire

Contact us today to discuss your project’s needs and how we can assist you. Call the team on 0419 342 115