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About Victorian Concrete Pumping

We are one of the hardest working concrete company’s in Melbourne and Victoria. Our concrete pumping business has been operating for over ten years, servicing the industrial, commercial, civil and residential building sectors of Melbourne and Geelong. We have built our company on a reputation of commitment to service and quality. We know that quality product and service and timely completion are vital elements in the construction business. We never compromise on quality and we work hard to meet all deadlines.

At Victorian Concrete Pumping, we have developed excellent working relationships with many of Melbourne’s largest construction companies. We value the relationships we have built with domestic builders and trades right across Melbourne.

Victorian Concrete Pumping can help your project be completed within budget. Our highly trained team of operators provide efficient and timely service while adhering to workplace health and safety standards.

As a leading concrete company in Melbourne, our fleet of machinery and operators has grown to accommodate the demand for our services. During that growth, we have ensured that our standards and practices have remained industry best practice.
Our commitment is to provide excellent customer service to all of our clients regardless of the size or complexity of the job. We try not to use industry or technical jargon and ensure our services are fully transparent. We partner with you to determine the most effective solution for your project.

Keeping you fully informed, we will ensure that you have a primary contact ready to discuss any questions at any stage of the project. We consider the process of achieving your project’s goals, not just the end result. Building your new project is an exciting time. We know how much energy and enthusiasm is required to get projects started and to keep them going to completion. Clear and simple communication is vital to good working partnerships.

Benefits of concrete pumping

Choosing the right method to get concrete into the job is vital for ensuring a successful and prompt build. Pumping is an efficient and reliable way to get concrete directly to the site which means it can also be the most economical way. Many jobs and sites, such as high rise buildings or awkward access areas, rely exclusively on pumping to get the concrete in.

What this means is money saved that would otherwise be spent in time and labour. Our flexibility in terms of scheduling, means that we can work to tight deadlines. If your project is running behind, we can help to bring it back on track.

Melbourne’s Preferred Concrete Company

We provide concrete pumping services as well as concrete pumping equipment to all parts of Melbourne. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you in regional and outer Melbourne.